The Luminous Fund

The Luminous Fund was created in 2016 by Kathy and Dave Carrier and their family. Their original motivation was to pass the foundation of giving and service to their four children and their significant others. Through The Luminous Fund, the family is setting the stage for generations of future philanthropy.

Luminous is funded through the financial success of Briljent, a consulting firm that Kathy created in 1998. (You’ll enjoy that website, so if you are interested in more information, check it out!) Briljent provides training, writing and change management solutions to government and corporate clients nationally. The Luminous Fund actively awards grants to the social service and arts agencies that are meaningful to Briljent employees and the Carrier and Odum families.

How to serve others with our wealth is a complicated issue. We’ve learned a lot from the National Center for Family Philanthropy. We returned from the 2022 Forum with fresh ideas and a refined approach. We recently introduced a high school study abroad program for our extended family. We are working on an entrepreneur program and an improved Briljent employee emergency program. We are curious about buckets of giving and so, our children are also focused on their own donor advised funds. We are alert to those around us who need help with business growth, a blanket as they grieve, groceries after surgery and rides to chemo appointments. We’ve found our acts of service are where the rubber often hits the road.

The first round of giving from The Luminous Fund occurred in December 2016.  Carrier family members and employees submitted grant requests from the agencies they viewed as important. And so they did. This gives Briljent employees a direct way to serve other people through the work that they do at Briljent.

The Luminous Fund is proud to partner with the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. We are a donor advised fund and we use the Community Foundation to streamline our investment process and the distribution of our grants. In all that we do and how we do it, we aim to be transparent and open. We are also lifelong learners, so each year we network with other families through the National Center for Family Philanthropy and we implement new ideas.

So, who is this family that started The Luminous Fund? They are an entrepreneurial family and company that humbly and enthusiastically serves others.  1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.


Tom Carrier, President

Tom is an electrician with Genesis Electric, focused on wiring for new home construction.
He is an avid golfer, a talented and gutsy chef and all-around handyman.


Dave Carrier, Vice President

Dave is the owner of DXD Furniture, a custom woodworking and furniture business. He enjoys spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids, particularly if it involves going out to breakfast. He is a talented builder and craftsman with an interest in gaining new skills (and tools.)


Kathy Carrier, CPA

Kathy Carrier, Generation 1 Funder/Founder/Secretary/Treasurer, is also the founder and CEO of Briljent. She is learning how to positively impact the lives of others with wealth and her own talent. “As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.” Joshua 24:15.



Behind every successful work endeavor is a knowledgeable team. Briljent specializes in helping people learn, improving their workplace performance and supporting individual growth. We have deep expertise in adult learning, instructional design and training delivery.
We began our business in 1998, and have grown continuously ever since, developing strong relationships with public and private sector clients and partners. While our business success is important, what really drives us is our commitment to helping others succeed.
We want to put our heads on the pillow each night knowing we’ve accomplished something worthwhile. We believe firmly that if this passion for making a contribution comes first, business success will follow.

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