Luminous Board Members

  • Mike Carrier, President of The Luminous Fund, works for the City of Fort Wayne and is a proud member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, former Army Special Forces.
  • Kathy Carrier, Secretary/Treasurer of The Luminous Fund and CEO of Briljent.
  • Dave Carrier, Vice President of The Luminous Fund, owner of DXD Furniture, a carpenter by trade, lives and works in Fort Wayne.
  • Jessica Odum, Attorney in Chicago focuses on mass tort and product liability.
  • Matt Odum, President of Briljent and an owner, big-time fan of the Chicago Cubs.
  • Katherine Carrier, mother and teacher to three happy kids.
  • Mary Carrier, Marian University Doctor of Osteopathy student, looking forward to residency in 2019.
  • Dylan McLean, employed as an attorney by the State of Indiana specializing in child welfare law.
  • Tom Carrier, electrical apprentice for Genesis Electric, resides and works in Fort Wayne.
  • Keirsten Baumgartner, Graduate of Xavier University, resides in Fort Wayne, employed as a talented nanny.

Our Favorite Fanatics

Here are a few of the gems that work for and lead the agencies we funded in the past few years.  We are inspired by these people, serving others with panache, wisdom and determination.  They define our company motto, “Never, never, never give up.”


Dianne May

President & CEO, Cancer Services

Dianne May makes it her goal every day to help people live their best life. “There’s something so inspiring when people who are faced with a challenge find the heart and strength to make the best and the most of life,” she said. Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana is celebrating 75 years of caring and in the past 15 years, under May’s leadership, the organization has expanded from one to 11 counties and added programs like massage, art therapy, counseling and more. Last year more than 3,800 families found help and hope at Cancer Services. “People are always at the center of what we do and the decisions we make.”


Sharon Metzger

Executive Director, Place of Grace

Sharon Metzger is the Executive Director of Place of Grace, a faith-based recovery and transition residence for previously incarcerated women stuck in destructive cycles of addiction, abuse, and poverty. She is a graduate of Huntington University and is invested deeply in the community of Huntington. When she is isn’t spending time with her family and friends, she is focused on fighting racism, empowering women, and smashing the patriarchy. As a recovering people-pleaser, she is learning to do what is right over what is easy.


Irene Szakonyi

Executive Director, The Starke County Youth Club, Inc

Irene Szakonyi is the Executive Director of The Starke County Youth Club, Inc and is equal parts executive, data nerd, and sweet tea. Her knack for encouraging kid’s curiosity found a wonderful home in their afterschool and summer programs. Irene is passionate about finding creative and effective ways to work with youth, and helping provide healthy, safe options that support her community. In her spare time, Irene enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandsons. She also makes it a priority to take time in nature to camp, hike, kayak, and garden. She shares her life with her husband, dogs, and just enough chickens.