Luminous Board Members

  • Tom Carrier, President of The Luminous Fund, works for Genesis Electric, resides and works in Fort Wayne. Is an avid golfer and chef.
  • Kathy Carrier, Secretary/Treasurer of The Luminous Fund and CEO of Briljent.
  • Dave Carrier, Vice President of The Luminous Fund, owner of DXD Furniture, a carpenter by trade, lives and works in Fort Wayne.
  • Jessica Odum, Attorney in Chicago focuses on mass tort and product liability. Mother of three spectacular kids.
  • Matt Odum, President of Briljent and an owner, big-time fan of the Chicago Cubs.
  • Mary Carrier, doctor of osteopathic medicine, employed in a surgical residency program in Cincinnati.
  • Dylan McLean, employed as an attorney by the U.S. Army and also at a prosecutor’s office in southern Indiana.
  • Keirsten Baumgartner, is employed by Hoch Associates in a project management job and is teaching kids how to play soccer.

Our Favorite Fanatics

Here are a few of the gems that work for and lead the agencies we funded in the past few years.  We are inspired by these people, serving others with panache, wisdom and determination.  They define our company motto, “Never, never, never give up.”


Krista Layman

Director & Co-Founder, Kate’s Kart

Through the gifting of new books, Kate’s Kart provides a comforting diversion to hospitalized children in 14 Northeast Indiana Counties. A team of volunteers, who visit hospitals 3 times a week, along with hospital staff distribute books to areas of the hospitals such as pediatric floors, pediatric ICUs, NICUs, children’s clinics, waiting rooms, and emergency rooms. Any person under the age of 18 who is hospitalized, visiting a sibling, or waiting in a waiting room is given the opportunity to choose and keep a book from the Kart. Parents of newborns and young children are encouraged to choose a book to read to their child in the hospital and then take the book home to add to their home library. An average of 3,000 books are gifted each month through 32 Karts at 20 different hospitals.The generosity of the Luminous Fund supports the purchase of new highly interactive books, allowing us to purchase in bulk straight from publishers at a 50-80% discount.